Regardless how stable and secure an Internet hosting service is, a problem may always appear with your sites. An update could go wrong and you could lose valuable information, you could delete a file or an entire folder in error or somebody could get unauthorized access to your account. In any one of these situations a backup of your content shall be a guarantee that the sites can easily be restored the way they were before the predicament emerged. The issue with most Internet hosting platforms and Control Panels is that backups are created once per day and every new backup overwrites the previous one, thus if you notice that something is wrong with your site 2 or 3 days later, it will quite possibly be far too late to restore anything and you shall end up losing the information. To avoid this kind of a problem, we have designed an innovative backup system which will allow you not only to restore your files easily, but also to select the date when the backup was generated.

Browsable Daily Backups in Web Hosting

The backups are available with all web hosting packages that we offer and they shall give you much more security than what other businesses can offer because they're generated 4 times per day and we keep them for the next 7 days. Our custom web hosting platform will enable you to search through all backups easily via the File Manager section of your Hepsia Control Panel just as if you are browsing conventional folders within your account, therefore you will be able to view what content we have at all times. To restore a certain file or folder, you just need to copy it from the backup directory to the live domain directory, which is a thing someone without any experience can perform with a few mouse clicks. The timestamp of each backup folder shall let you know when it was created, so that you can restore the exact content you need. With this service, your websites shall be safe constantly and you'll never lose any vital information.

Browsable Daily Backups in Dedicated Hosting

If you choose any one of our Linux semi-dedicated hosting, our system will keep backups of any information which you create or upload by default. This will happen 4 times per day at regular intervals and the backups are saved for at least 1 week as to ensure that just in case you need an older backup, we will have it. We've expanded this function much more as we have made it possible to look through all available backups as regular folders within the File Manager of the hosting Control Panel. This shall provide you with more control over your Internet sites considering that you'll be able to see when every one of the backups has been made and you'll be able to restore any file or folder by copying it to the live domain directory inside your account. Needless to say, our tech support team can help you with that, but if you require anything to be restored quickly, you will not have to lose time. With our backup service, you'll not have to worry about losing critical info even in case you discover that you need it a few days later.